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    Our Purpose

    We believe that reading is a recongnizable form of empowerment. It offers people the empathy to be in the moment, and live in someone's shoes. Education is presented as gift.It becomes a vital asset towards improving someone's life,namely their own.We often times feel the urge to escape the mundance.Reading enables us to have the oaccasional act of escapism towards something new and different.New worlds with intresting characters cross our pathway to deeper understanding of life.this is our reason to save a million of books every year from the hands of destruction our own mission goes beyond the enviroment.Alongside saving these book, we also make their accessbility torespective readers more profound. A chanc eto reshape our mind, share a story, and boring wisdom to life.

    Our Aim

    we aim to promote the art of reading, and making its benefits visible in the world.numerous places lack the necessory educational materials.kitabtoday.com rendersa its services to partners with nof-for-profit orginaztions.There is a circle of undeserved venues such as schools,prison libraries,and international literacy programs.we offer our services to magnify knowledge,so that humanity benefits from learning.

    About Few lines Audio Book

    Kitabtoday.com offers an immensely advanced music and voice studio. Our outstanding technology enables you to create your digital books. Has the idea of publishing your books crossed your mind? Have you recently written your book, and are you excited to show your talents to the world? We can give you an audio version of your book, as per your requirements. Times are changing. So are we. The busy world has placed us into a non-stop rat race. The comfort of listening has outweighed the idea of sight in a lot of ways. Instead of reading, we can simply listen and save time as well. Drive, walk, relax, and enjoy your space by choice while the absorption of famous writings cultivate your mind. Please feel free to contact our digital audio and composition department. We are always ready to be of assistance to your needs.